Whoever succeeds in completing this very special ultimate challenge, performs an exceptional achievement. Almost all participants wish to show how proud they are. The best way is to have your name in the 100 Cols Register.

You may also order the unique 100 Cols Souvenir after your achievement, to show you really conquered all those cols.

You will not get our approval for nothing: you have to prove you have been there. That's why you will find a controlbooklet in the package. In nearly fifty places along the track a stamp must be placed in the booklet showing the name of that place. Only after all stamps are there, you will get the recognition a 100 cols rider deserves.

Some people find that this is too much hustle and bustle, and ignore the stamps. However, many of them will regret that they didn't collect the stamps. Accomplishing such a great challenge, and not finding your name in the register: it hurts. We recommend to collect the stamps anyway. It is not a big deal. Generally only once a day a stamp, only a few minutes. It is easy to combine it with a coffeebreak. The cash ticket is sufficient proof. 

You may also have your achievement verified by sending the unmodified GPS-recordings.