The toughest bicycle ride in the world

The Hundred Cols Tour is the ultimate challenge for the bicycle rider. Fourthousand kilometer over all great mountain areas of France, passes more than hundred cols and more than hundred côtes. This is an individual challenge.

Whoever succeeds in doing this tour may find him- or herself under the strongest riders in the world. The Hundred Cols Tour can only be done by riders that have a tremendous perserverance. Indeed: The Ultimate Challenge..

...... and the most beautiful .....

The "Hundred Cols Tour" is - according to almost every rider-  also the most beautiful tour in the world.
You will see magnificent scenery, various different landscapes and briljant views.
The bicycle ride passes a great number of regional nature reserve parks. We take great concern over the beauty of the route.

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Closed cols list is not updated in wintertime

During the summer season a list of closed cols is maintained at our website. The list is only updated from april to november

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