In 2003 Cycling Club De Domstad could no longer take care of the ever growing organisation ot the 100 Cols Tour, as the club itself was shrinking. That is why we founded the 100 Cols Foundation, that accommodated the tour in the last 20 years. We hoped that we could find volunteers to help, recruited from the participants. 

And we succeeded!

Nowadays the board is assisted by numerous volunteers that do jobs like updating the hotellist, the souvenirs, GPS-route, the website, the organisation of a 2-yearly reunion, PR-activities, and numerous other tasks.

Advisory board

Once a year the board has a meeting with a number of participants. The Advisory Board consists mainly of the volunteers but also other people, because we want to have a broad view on the way our riders experience the 100 Cols. So we have older and younger advisors, man and women, riders that go with luggage and camping equipment, hotel-sleepers, groups, couples and singles. 

The advisory board enables us to keep the 100 Cols interesting for a huge number of different cyclists.