Your achievement may be verified in two different ways. 

  1. GPS-verification
    For riders that got the GPS-track for the 100 cols the GPS verification is mandatory.
    You may send us your GPS recordings in GPX-format. Address yourself to the secretariat to receive instructions. This is the preferred (and cheapest) method.
  2. Verification with stamps in a carnet
    The carnet method is not available for riders that navigate with GPS.
    You may collect stamps in a carnet. Along the route you have to place a stamp in the booklet in the towns and other places indicated in the itinerary. Any stamp that carries the name of that place is OK.

    For the carnet option the following rules apply:
    • The booklet has to be sent to the secretariat every year when a part of the tour is done, before 1. november.
    • You have to place a stamp in every place marked and underlined in the itinerary. Those stamps can be collected in stores, bars and restaurants, patrol stations etc. provided the name of that place is present in the stamp.
    • If a stamp cannot be found, you may incidentally include a picture of the name sign of that place, that also shows your bicycle.
    • It is not allowed to place other stamps in the booklet, because it hampers the verification.
    • It is however allowed to place a stamp of your overnight stays, but ONLY in the special provided place for such a stamp.
    • When you start with a part of the tour (or the whole tour), or finish that part, you must also put a stamp of that place in your booklet, even if that place is not  underlined. The place must be present in the itinerary. It is not allowed to place stamps of places outside the parcours.This stamp must show also the date. Dated stamps are available at railway stations, post offices, most patrol stations and pharmacies. As an alternative a cash ticket may be used or a ticket of a cash point, or railway tickets, as long as the name and the date are shown.
    • Please use one page per day for your stamps. If you need more than one booklet you may request more booklets free of charge.

It is not allowed to finish more than one Hundred Cols Tour per year.