Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use additional stamps in the carnet as a souvenir?

Only overnight stamps are allowed besides the obligatory stamps. Other stamps frustrate the inspection.

You may use a separate booklet for souvenir stamps. They are free of charge.

I forgot an obligatory control stamp. How bad is that?

It depends. If you can show additional proof to make that track plausible, it may be accepted. You may use hotel bills, cash tickets of coffee stops, cash withdrawals, or digital photo's showing your bike.

If you cannot prove that track, you must return to France to ride it again. The stamp of the Tourmalet or Mont Ventoux for instance is essential to get approval. We are not childish, but we are consequent!

Only riders that can prove that they did the complete track are entitled for approval.

Can I ride the tour in the opposite direction?

Yes, you may. But remember it will be hard to follow the itinerary. GPS will be very helpfull in these cases.

What if a col is closed because of snow?

Follow an alternative route. This is however only allowed in summer. But often the closure is only for a day or two, if the weather permits. It may be worth while to wait for another day.

The carnet must be send in every year before november. Is it bad if I forget it?

No, it may be sent another year. But we like to keep track of the riders and their progress. 

In the year you finish it is important to send it that year, otherwise your name might appear in the register in the wrong year.

Can I have more than one carnet if It takes too long for one?

Yes, if you think one (24 pages) is not enough you can order more carnets free of charge.

I don't have enough time to complete the tour in one year. Can I split up the tour over more years?

Yes, you may take as long as you wish. Remember that you will have to get a controlstamp in the place where you interrupt and resume the tour. These have to be dated stamps (or cashtickets, traintickets or similar).

In even years a new itinerary is issued. Do I have to order this or can I keep using the old one?

Yes, you may use the old one. But we recommend to update it, because situations may have changed.

If the clothes I ordered do not fit, can I return them for change?

Yes, but we do not take the costs of shipping and taxes. These might be quite high!

When will the cols reopen after the winter?

That's difficult to say, as it is dependent on the weather.

The highest cols in Alps and Pyrenees are normally not open before 1. June.

Sometimes you can pass the col by bike before the official opening, but keep in mind that this is strictly forbidden.

At our page "Open Cols" we try to keep track of the actual situation.

Will I get my carnet back when I have sent it to the secretariat for inspection?

Yes, carnets are always returned to the participant. But enclosures like photos, hotel bills, traintickets etc are not returned.

I am not able to get the GPS-file in my GPS-device. How do I get help?

There is a special help-page for GPS problems on the website, but it is not yet available in English. Please send an E-mail to the secretariat, we will do I best to solve your problems.